Italia-Usa, AmCham and Consul with successful companies

Originally published in Il Mattino

AmCham meets successful companies with ties to the United States, together with Consul Tracy Roberts-Pounds. The event was organized by Dr. Massimo Petrone, responsible for the Chamber in Campania.

Among the participants were Angela Natale, national vice president for the Chamber and head of Boeing for Italy and Southern Europe; Costanzo Jannotti Pecci, president of the Naples Industrial Union; Giancarlo Arra, vice president of the Sbarro Health Research Organization; Antonio Giacomini, CEO of Innovaway; Consul for Political, Economic, and Commercial Affairs Charles Lobdel; Giuseppe Alfano of Tres Energia; Guido Bourelly of Bourelly Group; Umberto Caccioppoli of Fides; Giancarlo Carriero of Hotel Regina Isabella; Giuseppe Esposito of EP; Ennio Giardino of Med Caffè; Fulvio Citaredo of Pierrel S.p.A; Davide Rosiello of Biovix; Federico Tammaro, CFO of Cira; Virna Velledo Di Mauro of Packaging; Giovanni Capilongo of Hotel Le Agavi in Positano; Guido Fiorentino of Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento; and Caterina Meglio of Materials.

This initiative brought together leaders of successful companies with an interest in the United States, providing an opportunity to share ideas and build relationships. Consul Tracy Roberts-Pounds was on hand to support these efforts and foster stronger ties between Italy and the United States.