Sbarro Health Research Organization

The 'Research Gala' for the fight against cancer returns

The Sbarro Health Research Organisation (SHRO), a centre of excellence for cancer research with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has brought back its annual research gala. On June 15th at 8 p.m., the event is planned to take place at Le Axidie Resort in Marina Equa, Vico Equense. The evening will be devoted to raising money to support scholarships for recent Italian graduates and the battle against oncological diseases. After last year’s success, this is the second edition. The event’s goals are stated by SHRO President Professor Antonio Giordano: “A winning team doesn’t change: in light of the outstanding outcomes of the first edition, we decided to suggest a framework that this year sets even greater goals. Over 600 young people—mostly of Italian descent—now have significant jobs in the field of health or have benefited from scholarships that enable them to enter the American research settings, thanks to the efforts of SHRO, a rare chance to get knowledgeable about contemporary methods and utilise state-of-the-art equipment for cancer research.
The event
The research gala’s organiser and driving force is Giancarlo Arra, Vice President of SHRO. “For the second year in a row, SHRO has chosen to honour personalities with diverse talents and areas of expertise, but united in spirit and values, daily committed to helping others and thinking about the greater good,” he says. The success of the inaugural event has raised interest in this meeting of the business sector, scientific community, and governmental decision-makers even more. We appreciate the institutions’ interest, especially that of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who has always been a strong supporter of science as the source of all life. A rare and unmissable chance to boost the skills that come out of our universities. Thanks in part to the founding of SHRO Italy, a promise met, this devotion doesn’t end with the research gala but lasts the entire year. Today, we have a presence in the Piedmont as well as Campania.
The program
Five eminent individuals from the academic, business, and institutional spheres who have significantly improved society will receive awards at the occasion: Enrico Gherlone, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University; Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister; Orazio Schilaci, Minister of Health; Paolo Scudieri, Adler HP Pelzer Group; Vincenzo De Clemente, De Clemente SpA. Additionally, the medals will bear the autographs of Maestro Lello Esposito and Ugo Cilento, two illustrious individuals.
The artists
Following the award presentation, there will be a social gathering with performances by the ACSI Ballet, which is led artistically by Dino Carano and tenor Maestro Cristian Ricci. The acclaimed chef Peppe Guida will prepare the cuisine. For their vital support, we especially appreciate Ble & Associates, the SHRO event agency, presenter Leonardo Metalli, and all the sponsors.
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