Cancer Systems Biology & eHealth Programs

Director: Enrico Bucci, Ph.D.
Professor in Systems Biology

This Cancer Systems Biology & eHealth Programs relies on the use of (a) collective technologies used to explore the roles, relationships and actions of the various types of molecules that make up the cells of an organism and (b) informatics approaches with the goal to rationally construct an integrated picture to better understand the dynamic behavior and regulation of integrated intra- and intercellular biomolecular networks deregulated in cancer. Special interest is given to new computational approaches, able to get insight on how measurements of global network parameters – such as different types of network entropy – can be related to experimental determination of cellular deregulated pathways. At the heart of this program, there is a strong emphasis on global frameworks useful to translate quantitative predictions into experimentally validated facts. Our current Systems Biology work in cancer research is divided into three main topics:
  • Identification of new computational descriptions of the cancerous cell;
  • Prediction of measurable differences among normal and cancerous cells;
  • Wet lab pre-clinical validation
The final aim of this program is to get a new, more general and more accurate quantitative description of the cancerous cell, which in turn should provide a better quantitative tool for the preclinical development of new treatments.